Master Data Management

All your data is in secure hands with

With our servers equipped with the latest technology and our team consisting of expert members, all your data is processed in the most effective and secure way, and it becomes your most important assistant in your field power management.

FieldForce Management

Frequency Module 

You can easily perform your monthly frequency assignments to your contact list on, and you can track them using graphics.

Your own frequency values that you have determined can be viewed on the system, and you can change them at any time thanks to the flexible structure of


Plan Module offers your field team the opportunity to make weekly and monthly plans as soon as possible by saving time and energy.

You can quickly prepare your plans with the multi-day option, and you can copy a specific day's plan to another date by using the copy feature.


Visit Module

Your field team can easily record the results of their visits to the system with their contacts, and all details can be observed by the relevant managers through reports.

In addition to planned visit entries, spontaneous visits can be recorded in the system as unplanned visits.

The survey questions you will create through your admin account will be reflected in your field team's accounts, and the answers given by the interviewed contact will be able to log in to the system during the visit record. You can follow the details of the survey results through the related reports.


Sample Management

Sample and promotion management has never been easier like this before.

You can easily follow the samples and promotional materials that your field team has given to your contact list, and you can make the necessary assignments, in a very flexible way, to the team members whose sample stocks are decreasing.


Coaching Management

If you want to monitor whether your field team conducts its meetings within the company's principles and policies that you have determined, our coaching module is just for you.

The coaching questions you have set through your admin account, are filled in by your managers who accompany your field team member during their interviews and then presented to you through the reports on the system.


CONSENT FORM MODULE provides you the most effective environment for obtaining consent forms in today's conditions where necessary approvals are required from your contacts for marketing activities such as sending e-mails and messages.

With our Consent Form Module, you can get the necessary approvals by remotely. You can also follow up your contacts whose consent form has been taken, with our effective reporting system.


We invite you to meet's CLM E-Detailing Module.

In today's world where digitalization has increased its impact in all areas of business life, it is more and more important to present your products and services to your contacts through digital presentations.

With’s CLM Module, you can report in detail the start and end times of the CLM presentations that your field team has made, and how much time has been spent on each page. Another amazing feature of our CLM module is that it offers you the opportunity to work offline.

In addition to all these features, your field team can choose the pages they want from the presentations available in the system and create their own presentations.

Order Management opens the doors to a whole new world in order management.

With its user-friendly and flexible interface, your sales team can receive all orders effectively, and the confirmation system activated according to your preference is sent to the warehouse to be prepared after the approval of your managers.

You can inform your customers with the campaigns that you can define through your admin account, and you can observe the extra product management without any mistakes.

Expense Management

Entering and reporting all expenses related to your sales activities into the system is now very easy with

In addition to defining different expense types and running the approval mechanism in connection with the relevant managers, integrations with your existing accounting software will allow you to reduce your workload.

Smart Reporting & Dashboard

You can provide graphical display of data and extract transactions into different formats with Smart Reporting which provides detailed reporting of all the activities of your field team.

With the Knowledge Cube feature, you can prepare your own reports and send regular e-mail reports to you and your managers on the day and time you have determined.