The Veribase Cosmetics CRM CLM

What is the Veribase Cosmetics CRM/CLM?
The Veribase Cosmetics CRM/CLM is a web/mobile based corporate database management system allowing you to manage the entire field operations of a cosmetics company.

What Benefits will I Derive from the Veribase Cosmetics CRM/CLM?
Thanks to the Veribase Cosmetics CRM/ CLM, you will be able to manage the schedules and visits of your field teams, receive orders, segment your customers, perform GPS controls, monitor your inventories of samples and, record online the expenses incurred by your team.

You will be able to provide your customers with the presentations and videos about your products on mobile devices thanks to our CLM module.  You will also be able to easily report this entire operation. This system will also allow you to perform your visits and schedules over the comprehensive physician/pharmacy/unit database.


What are the Advantages of the Use of the Veribase Cosmetics CRM/CLM?

  • Ability to work with the comprehensive and current physician/pharmacy/unit database,
  • Easily carry out the process of Schedules/Visits thanks to the user-friendly interface,
  • Online product presentation and promotion videos and, executive reports,
  • Receive orders with the shopping cart and, secure collection with credit cards due to the campaign integration,
  • Sample Inventory Monitoring,
  • Offline operation on smart phones and tablets (supporting IOS and Android),
  • Real time follow up of all the operations thanks to the GPS monitoring system,
  • Quick information sharing with the field teams and, monitor the competitors activities,
  • Easy reports thanks to the layer special reporting support,
  • Effortless budget control thanks to the expense management.