The Veribase Pharma CRM CLM

"We serve you based on our experience of 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry!"

What is the Veribase Pharma CRM / CLM?
The Veribase Pharma CRM/CLM is a web/mobile based, modular corporate database management system allowing you to monitor all types of sales and promotional activities of a pharmaceutical company.

What Benefits will I Derive from the Veribase Pharma CRM / CLM?
Thanks to the comprehensive physician/ pharmacy/ unit database from the Veribase Pharma CRM / CLM, you will be able to design and schedule your activities and workflows in a reliable manner, measure the accuracy of your performance and time management, clearly see the respective conditions and circumstances for the points of high importance such as expense management, sample management, customer segmentation, GPS monitoring etc. and, easily report the entire operation.

What are the Advantages of the Use of the Veribase Pharma CRM / CLM?

  • Easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface,
  • Automatic data and application synchronization,
  • Offline operation on smart phones and tablets (supporting IOS and Android),
  • Fast and easy shopping support and, the ability to integrate the campaigns,
  • Real time follow up of all the operations thanks to the GPS monitoring system,
  • Quick information sharing with the field teams and, monitor the competitors activities,
  • Easy reports thanks to the layer special reporting support,
  • Effortless budget control thanks to the expense management.