The Veribase Ordering System

What is the Veribase Ordering System?
It is an online ordering system where you may create ordering systems for your products with the Veribase and, manage the entire ordering process as well as the network of dealers and customer information.

What Benefits will I Derive from the Veribase Ordering System ?
Your dealers defined in the system may easily receive all the customer orders from their respective areas through the system. The system operates within the integration of the Caller ID devices. Thus, the system knows the customer calling your dealer and, creates an automatic order thanks to the smart order function. It also operates within the integration of the numbers (starting with 444). In this manner, when a customer calls your phone number starting with 444, your call center may receive the order through the customer representative or IVR systems and, this order may be automatically forwarded to your respective dealer.

Modules on the Veribase Ordering System

  • Dealers Information Management
  • Customer Information
  • Order Information
  • Caller ID and Call Center Integration
  • Campaign Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Reports
  • Messaging System

General Features of the Veribase Ordering System:

  • Veribase's dynamic structure makes it possible to keep any detail of your customers in the system,
  • All consumption habits and data may be defined in the system,
  • You may arrange special campaigns for your customers and, monitor the results right from the system,
  • Advances reporting functions allow you to easily manage your data and carry out performance analyses. By this means, you are able to manage both the customers and dealers through the system,
  • Customer/Dealer Segmentations,
  • Managerial reports in the form of graphics thanks to the dashboards.



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